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Open Tree Library





Frequently Asked Questions

What is OpenTree Library?

OpenTree Library is a free library that generates mesh data necessary to render trees.

The OpenTree Library is a free platform- and graphics API-independent library written in C++.

How do you calculate trees?

The algorithms used are based on the techniques described by J. Weber and J. Penn in their Paper "Creation and Rendering of Realistic Trees". We say "based on" because we do not stick completely to the paper but allow our own ideas and the wishes and requests of our users to influence our code.

How do I use OpenTree Library?

The interface of Open Tree Lib is held very simple. Tell it what the tree looks like and provide an array where the vertices can be put in and you have a nice, fast vertex array.

If you're using a 3rd party 3d engine with your application, it might be best to ask them to implement this library. This way they can provide the lighting, shadowing, visculling and whatever features they have.

What is the license?

Most parts of the code are licensed under the zlib license which provides great freedom to the end-user.

However, we also use source code from other projects which have other licenses. Those files contain another license header and are in another namespace, to ensure that you cannot accidently use or link the wrong code. All licenses are open-source compatible.