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Release 0 1

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In order to give this Project a bit more popularity, it might be a good idea to go for a first release 0.1

Furthermore, it offers the opportunity to refactor the code and clean up all the mess. Especially all the half implemented things.

Open Points until Release Freeze

These are all new things we want to implement before the release.

Stem Mesher

The current implementation is a hack at best. It only looks sort of nice when it has enough segments.

Rewrite the Stem Mesher based on this text Stem Mesher Algorithm.

Leaf LOD

For many trees, the leaf count is too high to render them with an appropriate performance.

Implement a first algorithm that groups nearby leaves to one, similar to what is used for terrain rendering.

Another option would be to go for this Billboard Cloud Algorithm.

Open Points until Release

After the project has been frozen, no new features will be implemented until after the release. Only the existing code will be fixed, cleaned up and improved.

Improve documentation

Although we have the wiki and the doxygen API documentation, it's far from complete and needs more work to ease usage for other people.

Create Tutorials for different engines

Example of how OTL can be used with different 3d engines. Possible engines are CrystalSpace, Ogre3d, Irrlicht, LightFeather and OpenSceneGraph.