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From OpenTree

The runtime consists of several components:

  • Renderer provider
  • LOD system
  • Physics system

They are all optional, and can be used in any combination.


Renderer Provider

The Renderer Provider provides a stable facade interface to OTL mesh data to make it easier to render things.

Physics System

We can implement specialized physics for simulating wind sway and handling collisions between other meshes and trees.

LOD System

We will implement an optional LOD system for 3d engines that don't have their own method of doing the kinds of LOD necessary for trees.

Wanted Features

Vertex Morphing
Requires 3 models for two lod steps. the high poly model, the low poly model and morph model that has the same amount of vertices as the high poly model but at the same positions as the low poly model.
This allows a vertex shader to smoothly blend from the high poly model to the low poly model.
Is's very importand to reuse vertices in the different models if possible to reduce the required memory.
Probably best implemented by skeletal animations. Each stem has its bone. Preferable done by a vertex shader as well.
Vertex and Index compression
Might possible use a fast and simple stem mesh generator.
Viewdependant Billboards
A small billboard that aligns towards the camera and displays different texture for different angles. These textures can be normal or even parallax mapped.